About Us

Ketchry.com is an interactive online platform that makes it faster and easier to get certified document in any city/court in Pakistan. We are on a mission to make the legal experience remarkable by making legal services high quality, cost-effective and on-demand for every need.

How does it work:

1. Select court and fill form according to your case information for certain required certified copy of document.

2. We share your contact and required certified copy of document information to concerned person in city/court.

3. Our team will apply on behalf of client and deliver the certified copy of document at your given postal address.

Our Services:

Katchery.com provides many services to its users such as:

• Consultancy

• Registration

• E-Filling

• Compliance

• Certification

• Private Ltd Company

• Limited Liability Partnership

• Company Law

• Income Tax

• Sales Tax

• Chamber of Commerce

• WeBoc

• Trademark

Why katchery.com ?

Katchery.com is a unique platform which gives many services to its users along many other benefits like

• Faster Certified Copy

• Reduced Cost

• Time Saving

• Secure Home Delivery

Who operates Katchery.com?

Katchery.com is a online service given and operated by Imran Gondal & Company Pvt. Ltd